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Our Highland Ranch
 location boasts amazing views, an awesome gaming room with big-screen TVs, and a little people play area, and is the one office where we bake fresh cookies every day!
Highlands Ranch, CO, is a stunning and sought-after community located just south of Denver. This town is known for its breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains and over 70 miles of walkable nature trails. Some popular trails include the Backcountry Wilderness Area as well as the South Platte Park and Nature Reserve.

Due to its proximity to Denver and up-and-coming housing communities, there is a growing demand for living in Highland Ranch. Currently, the area houses about 100,000 individuals.

our high-quality orthodontic services

Early Orthodontic

At a young age, your child is developing at a rapid rate. The mouth, especially, is continuing to grow, and brand-new permanent teeth are replacing those baby teeth. Colorado Orthodontics provides families in the Denver Metro area with the best early orthodontic care, by helping teach children the importance of taking care of their teeth.
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Teen Orthodontic

Everyone deserves a smile they feel great about. Often, the best way to achieve that smile is through adolescent orthodontic treatment. Adolescence presents a unique opportunity for orthodontic treatment, because we’re able to shift the alignment of the permanent teeth but can still take advantage of growth spurts and high metabolisms.
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Adult Orthodontic

Over the past few years, adult orthodontic treatment has become more and more common. Colorado Orthodontics is dedicated to helping you choose the right treatment, and transforming your teeth into a healthy, confident smile. Thanks to new technology, there are now many ways for adults to straighten their teeth discreetly, and we pride ourselves on helping many adults achieve the smile they’ve always wanted.
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Invisalign® For Teens

Invisalign Teen works exactly like Invisalign, but has added benefits and features. For many teens, Invisalign Teen offers some clear advantages in fitting into their lifestyle. Since Invisalign Teen aligners are removable, teens can eat all the things they love without worrying about breaking a bracket or losing a rubber band.
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Breathing Wellness

Solving the airway-sleep-breathing problem on a global scale could result in significant cost savings across the entire healthcare spectrum. It has the potential to reduce the effects of common chronic health concerns and change the lives of millions of people of all ages who suffer from compromised airway, sleep, and breathing issues.
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Surgical Orthodontic

At Colorado Orthodontics, our mission is to provide the highest quality of orthodontic care to all our patients while maintaining a comfortable, friendly office environment. Our doctors and highly trained team of orthodontic assistants have years of experience crafting beautiful smiles for patients of all ages and backgrounds.
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At our Highland Ranch office, we are dedicated to advancing the health and wellness of everyone in the Highlands Ranch community. This location sits in a highly convenient area, just minutes from many shopping centers and local attractions.
Our Highland Ranch staff provides exceptional customer service, offering a personalized experience for each patient’s needs. For each patient we serve, we ensure the most advanced technologies are used to achieve the best oral health results.

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