Can you have another orthodontist remove braces?

Whatever your reason might be, patients needing to transfer orthodontic treatment while in the middle of a braces treatment are becoming more common. Many families move due to jobs, the economy, or needing new scenery. There are over five million people wearing braces at any given time, which means that nothing has plans to change, and there are practices in place to make this work better for you if you need to transfer your care mid-treatment.

Why Would Someone Transfer Orthodontic Treatment?

There are some cases in which you might choose to transfer your treatment. This may be due to not enjoying your current provider, or in some cases, it may be due to things out of your control. If you know you will need to move in the near future, you can decrease stress by switching your provider and finding someone you trust, like AA Braces. Common reasons for switching providers include the following.


Probably the most common reason that patients have to transfer orthodontic treatment is due to a move. This will have to do with a job change or military assignment, or simply because they believe it is best for their family. This presents its own set of challenges and adding in finding a new orthodontist only makes that worse.

Current Orthodontist Retired

Many orthodontists work for many years, but everyone needs to retire at some point. If this is the case with your orthodontist it might be disappointing. Despite this, you will most likely know a bit before it happens so you have time to prepare. In many cases, there will be a referral orthodontist to switch to, and this will make it a bit easier than normal.

Difference Of Opinion On Treatment Decisions

In some cases, your orthodontist may have an opinion on what you should do for treatment. This will require you to either go with their choices or push away and find someone else you feel more comfortable with. In this case, you have the right to move away and make your own decisions regarding healthcare.

Needs Not Being Met

If the event your office isn’t meeting your needs, whether that is physically in your care, or emotionally, then you will need to handle it. First, you can discuss this with your current provider, and if there is no resolution, you can discuss moving to a different provider. You should feel that your orthodontic journey is filled with compassion and understanding, rather than conflict and stress.

Scheduling Issues

You might have a very active schedule, and this can lead to issues with your orthodontic provider’s schedule. If this is the case, then you may need to switch because you cannot make it to your appointments.

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Posted on June 15th, 2021
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