Orthodontic Treatment in Thornton and Aurora, CO

Your Initial Consultation

Your initial consultation is the first step on your journey toward a new smile, and it’s a time for you to meet our team, learn more about treatment, understand your orthodontic situation, and evaluate the treatment options that may be right for you. We’ll do a lot at your initial consultation, including:
  • Review your dental and medical history to understand your situation better
  • Take digital X-rays and perform a thorough oral exam
  • Evaluate your treatment options and begin constructing a personalized plan
  • Talk over financials, insurance, and payment options

The Next Step

After your initial consultation, we’ll take our findings from your orthodontic exam and use them to create a customized treatment plan. We’ll also schedule your next appointment, when we’ll start creating your dazzling smile.

You can expect this appointment to take about an hour, and we’ll work to make it a comfortable and informative visit. With this appointment, your treatment is truly underway!

Dental Visits

In addition to visiting us, you’ll also have to keep regular appointments with your dentist. You should see him or her at least every six months for teeth cleaning, and we may refer you for extra cleanings if we feel it’s necessary. Dental hygiene is absolutely crucial to the success of your treatment, so it’s particularly important that you see your dentist and keep your teeth clean during treatment.

Contact Your Thornton and Aurora Orthodontist

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